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Traineeships for your students

Universities play a huge role in IAESTE, by promoting the programme to their students and offering traineeships to international trainees. Through the IAESTE exchange programme students may secure international paid course-related training for periods of between 6 weeks to a year.

What IAESTE offers your students:

  • Traineeships available in over 80 countries, primarily in the summer months
  • Experience to enhance students’ independence and flexibility, communication and foreign language skills as well as contribute to their personal and academic development.
  • Traineeships for undergraduates in science, engineering, technology and architecture
  • Course-related work in industry, research institutions, and the public sector
  • Salaries to cover the local cost of living
  • Organised social activities in most countries
  • Assistance with work permits, visas and accommodation

If you wish to promote IAESTE to your students, please get in touch using your country’s contact details, which can be found here.

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If you'd like to find out more about IAESTE, including facts and figures, articles and news, you can view our Annual Reviews.

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Member countries

Want to know which countries are members of IAESTE? With well over 80 member countries to choose from, your students could gain valuable work experience abroad.

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