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Ombudsman Function

The function of the Ombudsman is to be an impartial mediator between a student or group of students who feel they have been disadvantaged by a person or Organisation representing IAESTE.


Complaints need to be directed to the Ombudsman no later then 6 months after the event. Before addressing the Ombudsman, a written complaint must be addressed to the complainant’s National Office. If this complaint has not been dealt with satisfactorily after a month of being made and all other internal complaint’s procedures have been exhausted, the complainant may approach the Ombudsman. All complaints are treated confidentially and no third party will be approached without the complainant’s permission. The Ombudsman will present an Annual Report of complaints and outcomes to the IAESTE General Conference and make preventative recommendations.

Download guidelines and complaint form to submit a complaint to the Ombudsman.

Office of the Ombudsman

IAESTE Ombudsman
Ms. Edith Bretin
20, Rue Alphonse Daudet
13090- Aix en Provence

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