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Traineeship cycle

New placements for IAESTE trainees could appear at any point throughout the year, although the typical IAESTE yearly cycle looks like this:

Application time

As soon as the academic year has begun is the ideal time for you to familiarise yourself with the deadlines for applying for an IAESTE traineeship. For more information on the specific application process in your country, please visit the countries page to find the relevant contact details. At the same time as the application process is taking place, IAESTE committees around the world are in contact with employers that wish to offer traineeships through IAESTE. [September-December]

Annual Conference

Offers of traineeships are exchanged with partner countries both at the IAESTE Annual Conference (held in January each year) and virtually throughout the year using a secured electronic portal. Employer and student requirements are carefully discussed, monitored and respected with partner agencies. [Mid-January]


Once the Offers are exchanged, students then apply for the exchanged positions through the IAESTE committees in their home countries. IAESTE representatives use their expertise to select the most qualified candidate for each offer, meaning one applicant is sent at a time for consideration by the employer.

On receipt of the nomination package, including CV, covering letter, transcript and reference, the Employer then has the opportunity to conduct a telephone or Skype interview with the candidate, in order to make a decision if they wish to accept them. If the employer doesn’t find the candidate suitable, they will get a new nomination as soon as possible. [February-April]

Acceptances and Visa processing (where necessary)

Once the candidate is accepted by the Employer, the IAESTE representatives in both countries work together to prepare the student, and to ensure that the student has all the necessary permits and/or visas needed to undertake the traineeship. [March-May]


Traineeship durations and timescales differ from country to country but most take place during the summer months and vary in length according to employer requirements. IAESTE representatives will normally facilitate accommodation and social and cultural activities for the trainees during these months. Evaluations are carried out at the end of the placements to monitor quality and improve processes. [May-September]

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