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LEAP2015 – something different

LEAP2015 – something different

It has been nearly three weeks, since almost 40 people said goodbye to each other after 5 days filled with experience, knowledge, action and fun. I am proud to say we have done something different – a conference for experienced members, AIESEC twinning participants, external workshop leaders, panel discussion, night horror game, a truly massive bonfire and much more. Participant satisfaction with the organisation exceeded 4.7/5 which only goes a little way to describe the participant experience and their enjoyment. What to say… it has been a great honour for me, the organisation team, and Czech Republic to organise anew generation of IAESTE conference.

The next LEAP Conference organising country (or perhaps even person) is to be decided at the 34th CEC at Slovenia. If you dare, talk to your NC and apply as the next organiser to set a new standard.

David Zenisek, LEAP2015 organiser
Czech Republic

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