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5th Annual Alumni Conference

5th Annual Alumni Conference

The 5th Annual Alumni Conference was held in Prague, Czech Republic from 22-25 January. Around 30 participants from countries such as the Netherlands, FYR Macedonia, Spain, Italy, China, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Norway, Sweden and Slovakia came together for a weekend of fun and knowledge sharing.

The conference started with introductions and ice breaker exercises and it was clear that the IAESTE spirit was strong! Although the emphasis was on having fun, that didn’t mean that no work was done. The conference had two working sessions, one on the new alumni online platform, involving coming up with many ideas of what we would like to see on it, and also looking at how we can better share our skills and experience to help IAESTE countries develop.

The evening events were of course amazing. The highlight as always, the international evening where we joined with the exchange conference for a night of food and drink from around 80 countries, lots of dancing and making new friends. The city tour was another highlight, sharing with us the sites of the beautiful city of Prague.

The weekend was over all too quickly, but everyone left tired and motivated. Hopefully having made new friends, gained new knowledge and the satisfaction of sharing their knowledge with others. A big thank you to our Czech hosts, and especially to Lucie Patočková for the excellent organisation throughout the weekend. It was a really special time and we look forward to doing it all again next year in Korea!


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