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Why take a foreign trainee through IAESTE?

  • IAESTE trainees are studying full-time degree courses in Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture or Applied Arts. They are highly motivated and hand-picked according to your requirements.
  • IAESTE offices around the world provide a full support service to Trainees and their Employers. IAESTE has over 60 years experience in setting up work experience placements and administering student exchanges.

What kind of services does IAESTE provide?

IAESTE takes care of:

  • Student selection (subject to your approval)
  • All communication with sending country
  • Help with Work permits and Visas/ (where required)
  • Reception
  • Accommodation
  • Summer Social Programme

What are the costs involved?

All IAESTE trainees must receive a cost of living allowance that will at least cover food, accommodation and travel to and from work, with a small amount towards cultural and social activities to allow the student to benefit from living in your country. The exact amount is determined by the Employer according to the cost of living in the country.

How are the trainees selected?

  • Employers may specify the type of student they require, such as Faculty, Specialisation, Level of study, Language abilities, etc.
  • The trainees will be hand-picked according to the Employer’s criteria set out on the IAESTE Offer form.
  • There will only be one nomination per Offer of training, although Employers may request more information or another candidate if the first is not suitable.

I want to employ an IAESTE trainee. What do I do now?

Please contact us for further information.

Member countries

Want to know which countries are members of IAESTE? With well over 80 member countries to choose from, your students could gain valuable work experience abroad.

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Find out more

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