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Welcome to the IAESTE Alumni Network

The network makes it possible to stay in touch or re-establish contact between old IAESTE friends. It is valuable both for those who have been actively involved with IAESTE and those who have fond memories of an IAESTE placement. In addition to getting in touch with old friends, you also have the chance to establish new contacts and find new opportunities, relevant to your professional career. If you wish to get in touch with the Alumni & Communications Manager, Bruce Wicks, you can do so here.

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If you're a former or current IAESTE trainee or member, log in to the IAESTE Alumni Network today.

Who is an alumnus?

  • Former or current IAESTE trainees
  • Employers that offered placements through IAESTE
  • Former or current members of IAESTE Local Committees
  • Former or current members of IAESTE National Committees
  • Former or current business or academic associates

The IAESTE alumni magazine

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If you don't have an account on the IAESTE Alumni Network, use the link below to register and gain access to the global network of IAESTE professionals.

Perks of being an alumnus

Some of the benefits of the IAESTE Alumni Network include:

  • An online account so that you can update your contact details with us
  • Be part of our active alumni community of over 10,000 members
  • Receive the quarterly IAESTE magazine 'friends'
  • Search for jobs
  • Details and updates on the latest alumni benefits and services
  • Invitations to alumni events
  • Support with organising your own events or reunions
  • Send and receive emails via the alumni website
  • Access to the Quick Search facility to find your old IAESTE friends
  • Access to the Professional Networking Communities
  • Receive discounts and special offers

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