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Organisational Structure

The IAESTE a.s.b.l. structure is as follows:

General Conference

The General Conference possesses full power to take formal decisions for the fulfilment of the Aims and approves the budget and regulations of the Association. It is composed of one delegate from each Full Member country. It elects the President, the Board, the SID and IDT coordinators and meets every year in January. The General Conference admits also new Members of the Association.


The Board implements the Association’s policy and decisions approved by the General Conference, initiates activities supporting the Association’s policy in general and provides strategic direction to the Association. The Board is composed of five members. It is composed of the President and four members. The Board elects from the four members one as Secretary and one as Treasurer.

The President is elected by the Members to convene and chair the board meeting. The President represents the Association at the international level.

The Secretary is responsible at the higher directive level for the international administration of the Association, and acts as the active conduit for communication and custodian of the proceedings of the Association.

The Treasurer is responsible for the finances of the Association.

National Committee

National Committees represent the Member countries and are composed of persons representing academic, industrial and student interests. National Committees are responsible for administration of the IAESTE exchange programme.

Local Committee

Local Committees represents national committee among the country. Usually they are located at universities and are run by volunteers.

IAESTE structure

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