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General Secretaries

General Secretaries / Presidents

1948-1956 James Newby, UK
1956-1962 Rolf Beijer, Sweden
1962-1968 Klaus Wyneken, Germany
1968-1974 Rolf Kratochwill, Austria
1974-1980 Karl Köchle, Switzerland
1980-1986 George Anemogiannis, Greece
1986-1990 Bernardo Herold, Portugal
1990-1992 George Anemogiannis, Greece
1992-1998 Abdallah Sfeir, Lebanon
1998-2004 Jim Reid, Ireland
2004-2010 Pauline Ferguson, Northern Ireland
2010-2013 Goran Radnovic, Serbia
2014-        Bernard Baeyens, Colombia

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